Is Hydrogen Peroxide dangerous?

Hydrogen Peroxide is made from two molecules of hydrogen and two molecules of oxygen (H2O2). It is unstable and decomposes into oxygen and water over time. Hydrogen peroxide is used in industry (plumbing, food industry), as well as in personal use (hair bleach) and medicine (disinfectant in dental operations, disinfection of surfaces and premises).

At higher concentrations (above 5%) it is dangerous if swallowed, as it causes nausea and vomiting or even burns, so it must be handled with care.

However, because it is an unstable compound that decomposes into oxygen and water, it is also used in our mists, as it does not damage appliances, but also effectively disinfects rooms and surfaces, and is not dangerous to health, such as sodium hypochlorite (Bleech) or agents alcohol-based. It also does not cause resistance of microorganisms, so it is also suitable for use in medicine.

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