shopUVCube Disinfection process

shopUVCube disinfection machine uses UVC radiation and ozone for surface disinfection*.
First shopUVCube machine was microbiologically tested in April 2020 where total lockdown was in operation in Slovenia. In that machine we used for about 200W of light power, where over 99,99% disinfection was done in less than 30 seconds. Because of that, all next machines are using double of UVC radiation power to have shortened disinfection time up to 15 seconds. Currently we use 18-20 seconds for disinfection time.
(We are constantly supervising disinfection process therefore with new machines and new lights we will also employ constant UVC radiation measurement in all models of shopUVCube disinfection machines.)
Our disinfection process is also adapting the disinfection time from start until the end of lamp’s lifetime to make constantly equal dose of radiation.

In pictures above we can see that 99% of microbes are killed in 15 secs, and more than 99,99% in 30 secs, where power of test lamps was 200 W. Because we use double power in second generation of shopUVCube machines, estimated time for 99,99% disinfection is under 15 seconds. In addition of UVC radiation, ozone is ventilated to cart area during disinfection process. Ozone is very strong oxidizer and it works also to places, which are not disinfected with UVC radiation. Ozone is then disintegrated back to oxygen after certain time although usage should be cautious in much closed area.

Microbiological tests of our products are done in Luamed, Tanja Židan s.p. and Centre of Excellence COBIK laboratory. Detail test results can be presented on request.

* When using UV radiation and ozone, all protective measures must be taken.

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