Disinfection of visors and other equipment

In home for the elderly Hrastnik also uses the UVCabinet disinfection device for regular disinfection of visors, which are used in the gray and red zones.

The disinfection itself has so far been carried out by soaking in a disinfectant and drying the visors for several days, which has prevented regular use. By using a UVCabinet disinfection device, the disinfection time was reduced to 10 minutes, as long as the surface disinfection cycle lasts.

Wear during reuse is also very important, as the materials were much more damaged in the disinfectant than when using the device. (Experts recommend reusing appropriate protective equipment up to five times, but if there are no signs of wear or lack thereof, as well as more.)

An additional advantage of the UVCabinet disinfection device is the disinfection of other items. In home for the elderly Hrastnik has established a protocol for disinfecting mail and items brought by relatives to seniors. They also use it for tools and accessories which and impossible to soaking in a disinfectants, because liquid damage them too quickly.

The disinfection process takes place with the help of UVC radiation and ozone, which circulates through the device and thus reaches hidden places. During the microbiological testing of the device, we found that after only 120 seconds of operation, destroy 99.99% of all living organisms. By extending of operation to 8 minutes the reliability of disinfection is much higher. After disinfection the ozone is degraded back to oxygen by a catalyst, so there is no inhalation of ozone when the device is opened.

The disinfection device itself is spacious enough to disinfect large items such as clothes or larger devices, or it can be used to disinfect smaller items such as phones, headphones, remotes, books, newspapers, tools, accessories, toys, … with the help of several shelves.

More information about the device is available here, for orders contact us.

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